About Us

Gobbo Games started off as an Independent Games Development company and released The Colony 2174 and Riders of Asgard. Shortly thereafter we started consulting on Virtual Reality and Simulators for some clients and started to realise that a lot of what we were doing could help corporate clients.

Using our combined experience in Enterprise Development, High Availability Game Services, and Gamification; we offer a unique service to all our clients that takes a different outlook on Software Architecture and Development than most of our competitors.

We currently operate from offices in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa and believe in creating software solutions that are enterprise ready, stable, and scalable to our customer needs and high-quality cost-effective games.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with a unique development experience and give them the software they want within budget and schedule.

Our secondary goal is to make high quality games that are price friendly and provide maximum entertainment value. As an Independent Game Development Studio we are able to achieve these goals by being focused on making games that ultimately we want to play ourselves.

Quinton Delpeche

Founder & Go-To Guy

Karl Muller

Game Designer & Sound Superhero

Matthew Leach

Game Developer & Code Ninja

Shirley Delpeche

Keeper of the Words

Nanette Giquel

Game Tester